Treat your Bluebirds

BB mealworms #1 06-23-2007

Male Eastern Bluebird preparing to transport mealworms

Bluebirds love mealworms!  Mealworms are the “filet mignon” meal for bluebirds.  Plan to provide mealworms for your bluebirds especially during the nestling stage of the nesting cycle.  This will help the adult bluebirds keep themselves fed and also facilitate feeding the nestlings.  Nestlings cannot digest the skins on mealworms during their first 3–4 days. The parents know this and will not feed them to the nestlings.  After the 4th day, the parents will feed mealworms to the nestlings.

Mealworms can be purchased from most wild song bird supply stores and through the Internet.  You can do a Google search on mealworms to locate Internet suppliers.  Mealworms need to be kept refrigerated.

BB mealworms #1a 06-23-2007

Male bluebird heading into the nest box with mealworms

The bluebird parents will take turns ferrying the mealworms to the hungry nestlings.  While the female bluebird is brooding the clutch, the male will feed her through the nest box entrance hole.

BB mealworms #2 06-23-2007

Male bluebird feeding mealworms to hungry nestlings

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