BENBOX eastern bluebird nest box

The BENBOX is an eastern bluebird nest box that features a detachable nest cavity.  The detachable cavity slides in and out on rails like a drawer.  A 1 1/4” galvanized joist hanger nail on the right side serves as a locking pin.  A double roof is employed to reduce radiant heat absorption and to prolong the useful life of the nest box.  The inner roof is made of 3/4” thick wood and the outer roof is made of cement fiber (James Hardie cedarmill siding).  The outer roof is secured to the inner roof with polyurethane construction adhesive.  A 15 ga. plate steel hole guard protects the entrance hole from enlargement by woodpeckers and gnawing varmints.  “Flow through” ventilation is provided by including a rear horizontal slot vent at the same level as the entrance hole.  Good drainage is provided through floor corner cuts and a recessed center drain hole.  Mounting is facilitated by providing a 15/16” diameter hole in the center of the rear 2 X 4 cross member.  A 1/4” diameter bolt + wing nut can be used to secure the mounting pole in place.

BENBOX #1 06-27-2007

BENBOX front view

BENBOX #2 06-27-2007

BENBOX side view

BENBOX #3 06-27-2007

BENBOX open view

BENBOX #5 06-27-2007

BENBOX detachable nesting cavity showing horizontal slot vent

If you would like the bill-of-materials and plans for the BENBOX eastern bluebird nest box, send me an Email at Bluebird Shepherd.

If you have a specific topic you would like for me to discuss in a future article, Email me at the address shown above.

Bluebird Shepherd


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