Food and Water for the Birds!

Always keep plenty of food and water readily available for the birds that visit you.  Your yard will soon become a popular spot and you will be rewarded with visits from all kinds of birds.

Bluebird on Feeder #2 07-24-2007

Bluebird feeding on Nut n’ Berry mix

Click on the live video feed link below to see live video from a wireless color yardcam stationed near a feeder array in the yard.

Live video feed from wireless color yardcam (click on view video)

Note: This feeder array provides peanut suet nuggets, peanuts, Nut n’ Berry mix, thistle seed, and water.

Be sure to keep the area under your feeders clean.  “Moldy seed” can sicken birds that eat it.

Do not let mold and mildew build up in your bird baths.  Be sure to change the water daily if possible.

If you see sick birds at your feeders or bird baths, follow the instructions provided at this link — sick birds at your feeders.

If you have a topic you would like for me to address in a future article, Email me at Bluebird Shepherd.

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