Birdwatching Fun

Birdwatching can be a fascinating and rewarding pasttime especially if you like to photograph your feathered visitors.

If possible, try to place a combination birdbath and feeder in a convenient spot from which you can observe and take photographs.

The birdbath and hummingbird feeder in the photos included below are located just outside our kitchen window.

You can watch live video on your browser by clicking on the link shown below.

Live video:  Help-for-Bluebirds-WEBCAM #1

Hummingbird on feeder 08-03-2007

Hummingbird watching her picture being taken 08–03–2007

Baby American Gold Finch 08-03-2007

Baby American Goldfinch stopping by for a drink of water 08–03–2007

If you have a specific topic you would like for me to address in a future article, please Email me at Bluebird Shepherd.

Bluebird Shepherd



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