Share wild song bird activity with others

Sharing the activities of wild song birds in your yard with others has become a relatively simple task especially if you have a wireless network with Internet access.

A number of companies offer wireless color cameras equipped with embedded web servers.  By hooking up one or more cameras to your network and enabling them to be accessed from the Internet, you can easily provide real-time images of wild bird activity in your yard.

We currently have one camera ( pointing through the kitchen window at a feeder array.  Real-time images of birds feeding at the array are available for viewing anywhere in the world via the Internet.  Most of the web servers supplied with the cameras allow viewers to take snap shots of the images and store them.  The camera has an effective range of appoximately 150’ from the wireless router.  A range expander can be added to extend the range.

Wireless Camera #1

Linksys MVC54GC wireless color camera


Snapshot image captured by Linksys MVC54GC wireless color camera

Northern Mocking Bird

Northern Mockingbird visiting feeder array

House Finch

House Finch visiting feeder array

Wren Eating Suet

Carolina Wren eating suet at the feeder array

Titmouse getting water

Titmouse getting water at the feeder array

American Goldfinch Thistle Feeding Frenzy

American Goldfinch thistle frenzy at the feeder array

Please share the wild song bird activity in your yards with others.  If you would like information on how to setup wireless internet cameras, Email  Please put WIRELESS INTERNET CAMERA in the subject line.

If you would like to receive copies of new postings by Email powered by FEEDBLITZ, please send an Email message to Please put FEEDBLITZ in the subject line.  Be sure to enable your Email system to receive messages from

Bluebird Shepherd


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