Three in a row!

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Advancing bluebird conservation through applied research and education.

View: experimental NESTCAM

Eastern bluebirds particularly enjoy warm days during winter.  They investigate nest boxes and catalog them as possible nesting sites for next nesting season.  It is very common to see the extended family together (3 or more bluebirds).  The extended family consists of the parents and some or all of their offspring from last nesting season.  The offspring will select mates and leave the extended family as part of the next nesting season.  Bluebirds never miss an opportunity to investigate nest boxes in the area for use as possible nesting sites.

Three Bluebirds in a Row 11-21-2007

Three in a row!

Three members of an extended Eastern bluebird family enjoying the sun on a warm November morning.

House Hunting 11-21-2007

Eastern bluebird “house hunting” on a warm November morning.

Note: A downy woodpecker is using this nest box (dusk to dawn) for roosting purposes.

Bluebirds need our help to survive the continuing loss of their natural habitat and food supply.  Please put up properly designed and constructed bluebird nest boxes and feeders.

The North American Bluebird Society (NABS) is an excellent organization dedicated to bluebird conservation.  Please consider joining NABS and becoming an active bluebird conservationist.

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