Build your own bluebird feeder


The next time you are in the mood for a woodworking project, try your hand at building a bluebird feeder.  Building a feeder is a straightforward task that can be accomplished in about an hour including painting.  This is a great project for families as well as groups.  A lot of folks have taken a shot at building bluebird nest boxes but considerably fewer have tackled feeders.

Bluebird Feeder 1- 00010

Photo #1 – Eastern Bluebird feeder 12–14–2007

The ends and floor of the feeder in the photo above are made of 1 X 6 pine board.  Entrance holes (1 1/2” diameter) are provided on each end of the feeder. The top is made of 1 X 8 pine board covered by a 12” long section of James Hardie cedar mill fiber cement siding.  The sides are made of Plexiglas to allow feeding activities to be viewed.  Access to the feeder is provided by  gently pulling up on the  “drop in” top to remove it.  The Plexiglas sides slide out of  slots cut in the sides and floor. 

The feeder shown above is attached to an arm of a shepherd’s crook type of mounting pole using a 1/2”  electrical hanger clamp bolted to the bottom.

A stainless steel condiment cup screwed to a base serves as a mealworm dispenser inside the feeder.

Bluebirds love mealworms especially when they are feeding offspring during the nesting season.   Bluebird feeders provide a safe sheltered feeding environment.  The feeders are very useful during inclement weather.

Bluebird in Snow #1

Photo #2 – Eastern Bluebird on feeder after snow storm 02–04–2006

Email Bluebird Shepherd if you would like a copy of the plans and bill of materials for the bluebird feeder shown in Photo #1 above.

Bluebird Shepherd


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