House hunting!

Eastern Bluebirds like to check out the suitability of nestboxes in the area.  On warm days in the fall and winter you can spot them looking at all of the real estate in the neighborhood.

Bluebird Pics 00021

Eastern Bluebird inspecting nestbox  –– 12/28/2007

Bluebird Pics 00022

Eastern Bluebird getting a second opinion on the nestbox — 12/28/2007

It’s time to get those nestboxes in top shape for the next nesting season.  Be sure to clean the interiors thoroughly and get rid of old nesting material.  Rub the interior surfaces of the ceiling and door with a bar of unscented ivory soap to deter paper wasps from building nests.

If you have questions regarding Eastern Bluebirds, contact Bluebird Shepherd.

Bluebird Shepherd


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