Birds need to eat frequently to maintain their body heat.

It’s a cold windy day here in Piedmont North Carolina.  The temperature at 3 PM was 33 degrees Fahrenheit.  Wild song birds must eat frequently on cold days to maintain their body heat.  It is very important to keep plenty of food and fresh water available for them especially when it is cold.  If possible, try to put out food that is acceptable to all wild song birds that visit your yard.  Suet is a low-cost high-energy food that nearly all common wild song birds will eat. 

Pics 00023 s

Bluebird eating suet — 01/02/2008

Cardinal eating suet

Cardinal eating suet — 01/02/2008

Pics 00018 s

Robin eating suet — 01/02/2008

Pics 00003Downy Downy Woodpecker eating suet — 01/02/2008

Pics 00022

Red-bellied Woodpecker eating suet — 01/02/2008

Nuthatch eating seed mix

Nuthatch eating my special seed mix — 01/02/2008

Pics 00002 s

Finches eating my special seed mix — 01/02/2008

Pics 00000 s

Finches eating thistle seed — 01/02/2008

Pics 00001 s

Titmouse drinking water — 01/02/2008

(birdbath is equipped with a 50–watt thermostatically controlled submersible heater)

For the money, it is hard to beat suet as a general purpose food for wild song birds especially in the winter.  Don’t forget the fresh water and please remember that a frozen birdbath is worthless to the birds.

Bluebird Shepherd


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