Bluebirds and side view mirrors!

Bluebirds often occupy themselves by flying to a car parked in your yard and watching themselves in the side view mirrors.  When these antics occur outside of nesting season, they are amusing except for the bird mess left on the car.  During nesting season bluebirds become very territorial and can mistake their own images for competing bluebirds. Bluebirds have been known to injure themselves attacking and flying into mirrors and windows during nesting season. Watch for this activity and drape an old towel over the side view mirrors of your cars to block the view.  Also check the windows of your house to be sure the bluebirds don’t see their own reflections.  You can draw the shades or blinds to block the reflections.  In more difficult cases put plastic film over the windows to eliminate reflections.

Pics 00014

Bluebird admiring itself in side view mirror — 01/07/2008

Pics 00013

Bluebird perched on side view mirror after admiring itself — 01/07/2008

Bluebird Shepherd


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