Bluebirds pairing up for nesting season!

Eastern Bluebirds are starting to pair up for the 2008 nesting season.  You will start to see them together on feeders and birdbaths.

02-04-2008 00000s

Bluebirds pairing up — 02–04–2008

It’s time to get everything in order for them.  Be sure your nest boxes are in good condition and clean.  Keep plenty of food acceptable to bluebirds in your feeders — cracked sunflower seeds, peanut nuggets, and suet cakes.  Your birdbaths should be kept clean and filled with fresh water daily.  Bluebirds pay attention to the overall characteristics of your yard when they make their decisions whether or not to nest there.

If you have questions regarding Eastern Bluebirds, Email them to me.

Email Bluebird Shepherd

Bluebird Shepherd


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