Male Eastern bluebird purloins nesting material!

March 22, 2008

Here is a new one on me.  I was able to take a movie clip today of a male Eastern bluebird purloining nesting material from a chickadee nest while the nest building process is still active.  The female chickadee came in right behind the bluebird and continued building the nest.

Apparently the male bluebird is trying to entice his mate to occupy a nearby nest box by putting the nesting material in it.  She keeps looking into the box but so far has not selected it for nest building.

Bluebird purloining #1 03-23-2008

Male Eastern Bluebird purloining nesting material — 03/23/2008

Bluebird purloining #2 03-20-2008

Male Eastern Bluebird ready to transport purloined nesting material to an empty nest box nearby


click to see YouTube movie clip of nesting materials being purloined

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Bluebirds House Hunting!

March 16, 2008

An Eastern Bluebird couple busy looking for a house.  The first nest box (brown) they visited is vacant and available.  The second nest box (white) they visited is equipped with a color Internet nest camera.  A female Carolina Chickadee is currently building a nest in it.

click to see YouTube movie clip of bluebirds house hunting

Mark I Mod 0 Internet nest camera

You can see a live video feed (8:00 am – 5:00 pm EDT) from the Mark I Mod 0 Internet nest camera box by clicking on the link below.  Viewers using browsers that support Active-X controls can access the video feed through their browsers.  A Cisco Linksys Active-X control is required and safe to use.

click to see live video feed from the Mark I Mod 0 Internet nest camera box

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