Keep those mealworms coming!

May 29, 2008

Bluebirds love their mealworms.  We enjoy having the bluebirds in our yard visit us frequently to eat the mealworms we put on the ledge of the kitchen window for them.

B-B eating mealworms

Bluebird eating mealworms

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Female Eastern Bluebird checking out the nestcam box!

May 25, 2008

A female Eastern Bluebird started checking out the nestcam box today.  She seems somewhat suspicious of the camera in the ceiling.

B-B checking out nestcam box 05-25-2006

female Eastern Bluebird checking out the nestcam box – 05/25/2008

click to see YouTube movie clip

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New Neighbors moving in!

May 24, 2008

A Great Crested Flycatcher has started building a nest in the Red-bellied Woodpecker house in our backyard.  The woodpecker house stands nearly 20’ feet above ground.

This is the first time we have had Great Crested Flycatchers for neighbors.

Great Crested Flycatcher

Great Crested Flycatcher 05–24–2008

click to read about Great Crested Flycatchers

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House Finch nesting tube

May 18, 2008

Tired of those likeable House Finches nesting in the wreaths on your doors?  Give them a safe comfortable alternative by hanging a nesting tube from the ceiling of your porch or some other suitable sheltered place.

House Finch nesting tube front view

House Finch nesting tube front view

House Finch nesting tube side view

House Finch nesting tube side view

With just a few minutes work, you can make a low-cost safe comfortable  House Finch nesting tube. 

Bill of Materials

  • 8” length of 4” diameter PVC S & D pipe
  • 4” diameter test cap
  • Heavy duty PVC glue
  • short length of 1 X 2 wood
  • (2) 2” long small diameter stove bolts
  • flat washers, lock washers, nuts
  • (4) small screw eyes
  • (1) medium screw eye
  • (1) medium S-hook
  • 4’ white decorative chain
  • white oil-base wood primer
  • white plastic primer
  • white clean metal primer

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Male Eastern Bluebird house hunting!

May 16, 2008

A male Eastern bluebird has been routinely checking the suitability of the nestcam box for nesting purposes.  So far, the female bluebird has been hanging back.  If she starts to spend time in the box, there is an excellent chance they will build a nest in the box.

House hunting

Male Eastern Bluebird house hunting


Male Eastern bluebird house hunting 05-16-2008

Checking out the place!

Stay tuned!

You can watch live video from the nestcam box from (8 am – 5 pm EDT) by clicking on the link below. nest camera #1

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Love those mealworms!

May 2, 2008

Be sure to put out mealworms in a place you can observe bluebirds up close and personal.  “Bluie” stops by and helps himself to mealworms on a regular basis.

Click to see YouTube movie clip of male eastern bluebird eating mealworms

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Empty nest!

May 1, 2008

Mission accomplished!  All five Chickadee nestlings successfully fledged this morning leaving an empty nest.  Their parents are busy showing them how to survive.

The last Chickadee in the nest needed some last minute enouragement from one of the parents but did manage to muster up enough courage to fledge a few seconds later.

A little help please!

How about a little help here?  Last Chickadee in the nest trying to get up enough courage to fledge.  One of the parents came to the rescue and provided the much needed encouragement.

click to see YouTube movie clip of the last chickadee fledging

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