Empty nest!

Mission accomplished!  All five Chickadee nestlings successfully fledged this morning leaving an empty nest.  Their parents are busy showing them how to survive.

The last Chickadee in the nest needed some last minute enouragement from one of the parents but did manage to muster up enough courage to fledge a few seconds later.

A little help please!

How about a little help here?  Last Chickadee in the nest trying to get up enough courage to fledge.  One of the parents came to the rescue and provided the much needed encouragement.

click to see YouTube movie clip of the last chickadee fledging

Bluebird Shepherd

YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/helpforbluebirds

BLOG: https://helpforbluebirds.wordpress.com

Web site: http://help-for-bluebirds.org




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