Mold in your birdbaths

In hot humid weather green mold can form very quickly in your birdbaths.  It is a good idea to monitor them frequently.  I have found that the Clorox Clean-Up® product works quite well as a cleaning agent to remove green mold from birdbaths.  I empty the birdbaths that need cleaning and spray Clorox Cleanup into them.  Wait a few seconds and then wipe the residue from the bottoms of the birdbaths with a paper towel.  Blue shop towels work very well for this purpose.  Rinse the birdbaths thoroughly with clean water and refill them. 

Dirty birdbath 07-30-2008

Birdbath with green mold — 07/30/2008

Clean birdbath 07-30-2008

Birdbath cleaned with Clorox Clean-Up® — 07/30/2008

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