Suet, Suet, Everywhere!

Now that winter is upon us,  wild song birds need high energy food to survive the cold.  Suet is an excellent low-cost high-energy food source.  You can help the birds immensely by putting up a number of suet feeders and keeping them well stocked.

Bluebirds eat eat suet in the winter.  The bluebirds in my neighborhood visit the feeders several times a day.

Suet feeder array

suet feeder array

I have tried a number of different types of suet cakes in my yard.  From my perspective, the birds don’t seem to differentiate between the cheap suet cakes and the more expensive ones.  I buy my suet cakes at Wal-Mart for $.92 + tax.  If you decide to continue feeding with suet cakes on into the summer, you should switch to the “non melt” cakes.

If you have problems with squirrels, there are squirrel proof suet feeders available from most wild song bird supply stores or through the Internet. 

Squirrel proof round caged feeder

purchased squirrel proof caged feeder

You can also make your own squirrel proof suet feeder by mounting a suet cake cage feeder inside of a larger cake feeder such as those used for large woodpecker cakes.

Caged Suet Feeder Vertical Mount

home made squirrel proof caged suet feeder (vertical mount)

Caged Suet Feeder horizontal mount 

home made squirrel proof caged suet feeder (horizontal mount)

You can also put pieces of suet cake in cups and place them inside your enclosed bluebird feeders.  Once the bluebirds discover the suet, they will visit the feeders frequently throughout the day.

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