Quest back on again!

July 1, 2010

Just when you think you understand bluebirds, they throw you a curve ball.  In this case, four curve balls.  The bluebird couple are now working on the 4th nest of the current nesting cycle.  The first completed nest was built in a Home-For-Bluebirds nest box in our neighbor’s front yard.  For some reason, the  nest was abandoned before any eggs were laid.  The second complete nest was built in a Gilbertson style nest box in our yard near the back door.  That nest was abandoned before any eggs were laid.   The third complete nest was built in a standard wood nest box in our back yard.  That nest box was abandoned before any eggs were laid.  The fourth nest is currently under construction in the nest camera box in our back yard.

view nest camera live video feed

The reason for the vacillation between nest boxes is a bit of a mystery.  The female bluebird is very young.  This may be her first nesting cycle.  Whatever the reason, she has been working very hard the last few days building nests.  Hopefully, this nest will be the one and we’ll see some blue eggs in the next few days.

YouTube video of male bluebird trying to feed female bluebird

YouTube video of female building nest in nest camera box


Sizing up the job!


Hauling Straw!




Contemplating the next move!

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