PVC Bluebird Nest Box

August 8, 2010

Want a nest box that is virtually impervious to the elements, will last many years, and that requires almost no maintenance?  How about a nest box made of PVC?


Modified all-PVC Gilbertson Bluebird nest box

The modified Gilbertson nest box in the photo above is constructed entirely of PVC material.  The circular nest cavity is made of 4” diameter PVC S & D pipe.  The rest of the nest box is made of rot-free PVC board. As a plus, the nest box has excellent thermal properties resulting in lower nest cavity temperatures.  The PVC does not absorb radiate energy to the degree that wood or metal does.

You can add a decorative touch to the nest cavity by using stick-on decals from a craft shop.  Be sure to spray the surface of the attached decal with a good quality exterior sealer also available from craft shops.

Tip:  sometimes you can obtain scrap rot-free boards from contractors who use the material during construction.  You may have to go to a job site or to the contractor’s storage area to pick up the scrap material.  Just tell them that you are building bird houses from the scrap.

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